Writing a Poetry. Is it easy?

For me I always felt it was easy to write poetry.  Many times I would write my thoughts out on paper and draw pictures that went with it. 

Than I went to bed dreaming that particular thoughts of the poetry.  Check out this dream journal I recently wrote which you can find on Amazon.

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Here is a simple example of a poem from

Dr. Seuss Made Me Do It. 






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Have you ever thought of being a writer? Need a Mentor!

You are a WRITER!

When I first started writing it was for me.  Then I wanted others to see what I was doing and I wanted to make a living doing what I loved to do.

Do you know the percent of people who really do finish their first book?

You will be shock!  1%  YES ONE PERCENT.  When I heard this I was shock.  I kept writing the first book that I did was a children poetry book and a children’s story book.  I published it on LULU.  Okay it did sell some copies but was not going to get rich there.  Than a friend suggested Kindle Amazon.

I went to YOUTUBE search for how to, got a Mentor (I did but that was a costly mistake because so many are scam artist.) and than I finally got a young man who was already making money in the market and was more interested in helping others.

I have learn so many new techniques and as a result.  I can now pass on that same knowledge to others.  My fee is a one time fee and I work with you on SKYPE and our goal is to teach you the process of doing that first eBook and Paperback book.  If you need further help in the future I am there to work with you.


Creating Birthday Memory For Your Child or Grandchild.

One of the best thing that you can give your child or grandchild is your time.  If you are far away, you still can produce something that child will love forever. I remember singing song and writing notes and keeping each child treasure of notes and keepsakes.   So many times, the parent treasure them because of the memory but the child has no need of them when you ask.  My advice is to hold on to them because one day they will see the importance.

Do you need help writing a birthday story? Ask Gary for help–email address:


On the birth of my first grandchild, Addison. I wrote a story about her first birthday but the true story is about the little dragon who was picked on  but he had a special power and so he proved it one day at Addison’s Birthday.  He did it by lighting a Birthday Candle.

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How to Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant !!!

How to Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant

My daughter came to my house with a present.  She and her husband said, “Dad, you need to unwrap it. ”   As I did, “It was a children’s book with a note saying ‘Dad. We are pregnant.'”

She told me she couldn’t find any books that said, “Your going to be a Grandparent”.

This got me thinking and I ended up writing seven books in this series.

Your Going To Be a Grandparent”  E Book and Paperback Book

“Your Going to be a  Grandma and it’s a Boy”

Your Going to be a Grandma and it’s a Girl”  E Book


Your Going to be a Grandpa and it’s a Boy”  E Book

“Your Going to be a Grandpa and it’s a Girl”

“It Grandparent’s Day at School”–usually celebrated in September.

Underwear Nerd and Booger Boys is a Reading Fun Hit!!!!

Children are falling in love with reading the adventures of the Underwear Nerd and Booger Boys as they go through their fourth grade year of adventures. There are seven books in the series that have the students battling each other, Zombies, Ninja Warriors, Vampire and even a Valentine Day’s Dance.

The two main heroes Quigly T. Fartleroy aka “Underwear Nerd”  and  Dunstan Gooberman  aka “Booger Boy” always seem to be able to work something up to solve the problem.

Here a sneak of the first chapter:

Ms. Prescott stood in front of her new fourth grade class. “If there is any gassy nastiness in here this year, the punishments will be severe,” she said and stared right at Quigly T. Fartleroy.

Quigly, aka Underwear Nerd, had the nastiest, stinkiest, grossest farts in the entire school. It had taken him four long years to perfect his stench. And now, in his last year of elementary school, he was ready to rule the school with his farting power. Ms. Prescott didn’t scare him.

Gary Wittmann, a former Special Education Teacher of 33 years and Teacher of the Year for the State Of Indiana in 2007, has written a much to love books for reluctant readers.   It especially design with lots of laugh to booger and farts.  These are what boys talk about from grade four to sixth grade.  Kids will find the adventure a must to read.

Now is your time to order a paperback version of the book.  Remember the special video link in paperback one “Fart Ball”.