Have you ever thought of being a writer? Need a Mentor!

You are a WRITER!

When I first started writing it was for me.  Then I wanted others to see what I was doing and I wanted to make a living doing what I loved to do.

Do you know the percent of people who really do finish their first book?

You will be shock!  1%  YES ONE PERCENT.  When I heard this I was shock.  I kept writing the first book that I did was a children poetry book and a children’s story book.  I published it on LULU.  Okay it did sell some copies but was not going to get rich there.  Than a friend suggested Kindle Amazon.

I went to YOUTUBE search for how to, got a Mentor (I did but that was a costly mistake because so many are scam artist.) and than I finally got a young man who was already making money in the market and was more interested in helping others.

I have learn so many new techniques and as a result.  I can now pass on that same knowledge to others.  My fee is a one time fee and I work with you on SKYPE and our goal is to teach you the process of doing that first eBook and Paperback book.  If you need further help in the future I am there to work with you.


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