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Welcome to Circle of Stories From Around the World and meet Gary Wittmann.  He will motivate you, excite you and have you on your seat wanting more.
Gary Wittmann
1826 South A Street
Jasper, IN  47546
Phone: 812-482-5244
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How To Tell A Great Story In 7 easy steps, an absolute beginner to storytelling can transform plain stories into great stories. Your family and friends will love, admire and cherish your stories - even if you have never told a story before.

Circle of Stories
     Be part of the circle of stories as Gary Wittmann weaves the magic of words and songs.  New CD coming out called Creating the Circle of the Stories, Poetry, and Songs.    Dove Award Family Friendly for 12+.   Gary and Christopher Wittmann are Award Recording artist.. Review.
     The song entitled "The Circle of Stories" written by Gary Wittmann will bring you into his circle as he tells the stories.  The tales throughout the program are multicultural folktales as well as some original stories, poems, and songs.
      Many stories are handed down from grandparent to parents, and to their children.  The circle of stories are never broken by the retelling of the stories for future generations as they listen once more.
     The song tells of his love for stories and how that circle of life continues even today with his own children.
     So as you listen and hear, sing and clap to the rhythms of the circle of stories---you will be part of the circle of stories.
     Gary Wittmann has presented to more than 28,000 adults and children in his career with many more on his future schedule......
     Gary is an avid artist with numeous acrylic painting for sale.
     Check out the Poetry page.
Available for all ages:  Libraries, School, Camps, Boy and Girl Scout groups, Clubs/Organization, Workshops, Motivation speaker for groups.
All a man has is his stories
And through his stories he can live forever.

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