Gary Wittmann, Author, Storyteller and Motivator

Your Golden Ticket To Success

Gary has been working on a PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION TO A NEW NORMAL AFTER A TRAUMA.   What steps do you take to get back to a near normal life.  How do you get past the lost?  How to you invest yourself in a SECOND CHANCE.

Dr. Seuss Made Me Do It.


Gary Wittmann

My cat sleeps anywhere on tables and chairs.

She jumps on your lap while sitting on the stairs.

She purrs and purrs in the soft morning sunlight.

Please don’t you wake her, because she might bite?

Dr. Seuss Made Me Do It...Children Poetry Book

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How To Wear Your Underwear 4 Days

by Gary Wittmann





Gary Wittmann and his brother Christopher Wittmann created an Award winning Dove Award CD called Circle of Storytelling and Songs which you can find on Amazon.


Reviewer  includes great narration of the children's book Famous, Fantastic, Fabulous Fast Mock One Turtle

on October 16, 2013
Format: Audio CD
The Wittmann.s Bros produce fun and professional selections of poetry, songs, and stories. A favorite children's story I was happy to see make this CD is Famous, Fantastic, Fabulous, Fast Turtle A Children's Story Book with Recipe It's still the Famous, Fantastic, Fabulous Fast Mock One Turtle with a tasty recipe in the back. The story telling pulled me in as the flutes played in the background.