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A floral tatting stationery and envelopes

My 78 years old mother does tatting. A ancient art of tatting is a technique for making fine lace by looping and knotting thread with a shuttle.  She draws the delicate flower pattern leaves on each stationery making them unique from the other. Not many people are doing this type of tatting which makes this a special treat when people gets this for a letter or present.  Recently a lady sent my mom $100 for a set, that was special. They are not selling for $100, or even $50 but for $15.00. You can have a piece of a collectible art.  I have talked to a lady who has held onto her first box for twenty years afraid to use the beautiful stationery.  Don't be that way buy two or three sets of this special art.There are ten floral tatting stationery and ten envelope in a set.  No shipping charges at this price.

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Price: $25.00
Sale Price:$15.00