Mentor Your First Book

When you have a mentor to work with you and teach you.  You will not make as many mistakes as you go through the path to success.

Create A Journal

Gary can guide you through the process of making journal which will earn you passive income.

Make Recording

One of the hottest item that you can do for your book is to record it.  Gary will work with you on this process.


Do you want passive income...Let Gary help you succeed.

Making a ebook and paperback allows you to build up a passive income. Once you do this and know the process.  You just have to repeat. 

How to Get Your Golden Ticket

Gary Wittmann has been an motivational speaker, teacher and instructor.  He is an award winning Carnegie Instructor and Teacher of the Year for the State of Indiana in 2007 from the Learning Disabilities Association.  He has written a book for teachers called "How to be an Hero as a Teacher."

Next Steps...

If you are interested in writing your first book, contact Gary Wittmann by email.  He will get together with you and skype with you the cost and steps you will take to achieve your passive income.