Why Christmas is important to children? 12 Days of Christmas in a Coloring Book

Gary Wittmann has written the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Check out There Is Always Room For One More ,    He went on to create an unique art work from his Disney illustrator, Gaspar Sabater.   In the 12 Days of Christmas, Gary and the artist takes you through the song.  Gary had Gaspar to hide a mouse for the children to find in each of the 12 days of Christmas.

In the paperback version, you are given a repeat of the story one more time.  This time the story is not colored.  It is your turn to copy it and color it in.  You can compare your coloring pages to the paperback version of the book.

Have fun with this Christmas paperback book.

Why telling the Christmas Story is important to your children?

Always Room for One More in God’s Holy Family

The importance of the Christmas story is to tell children of the birth of Christ.  It’s a way of getting away from the commercial Christmas that we grow up with.

I remember as a child going to church Christmas Eve.  We would all be dress up and go to the pew we always set in at church. If we were in the Christmas play we would be getting dress up as one of the shepherds, wise man, and Joseph and Mary.

Gary Wittmann, storyteller, was asked my Holy Family School, principal, Pam Bell to write a story for the recording to fund the school program.  Gary took the birth of Jesus Christ with symbols that we recognize in the story.  The dove, donkey,  people, shepherds and many others.

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on December 16, 2013

This story covers an adventure of John’s, a little Shepard boy who follows the Christmas star to find the baby Jesus and his parents Joseph and Mary. Along his way to the manger John picks up some animal friends.

Nicely done illustrations add in the enjoy of this children’s book.

on December 15, 2013
This book is a beautiful story for children for Christmas time. It’s telling that there is always room for one more in God’s family, as its title states. It’s a really good way to teach small children this valuable lesson.
Gary has also put together a collection of pictures with the song, 12 Days of Christmas.  In the paperback version, the pictures are repeated so that you can color them yourself.  You should copy them and do it again and again.  One of the game in both the eBook and Paperback is to find the mouse which is hiding in the picture.  Check it out here.