Animal Alphabet–why your child should know the ABC’s

Searning the alphabet should begin early in a child’s life. While some don’t learn it until they reach school. It is so important that the child be introduce to mastery before the preschool age and least introduce to the letters before the age of 3.

Start simple. Do not attempt to teach all 26 letters at once. Simply concentrate on a few of the letter at a time and what the child is wanting to see, hear and experience.

Remember have fun in learning is the greatest approach you can use. Use as many senses in learning, singing, drawing, finding, saying, and writing as simply as you can. Find the 3-D or make the letters so the child can experience the feel of them.

The most important teaching tip of all is to make it fun. Make it a game and your child will love learning with you and from you.

Gary Wittmann in his book called Alligator Alphabet Soup, Learn ABC with Allie the Alligator (Ages 3 thru 6). He has a child finding the food according to the ABC’s. Great reviews from everyone who has used the book with their child. The paperback is an unique book for any child growing up.


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