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“Author, Storyteller, and Mentor”

Gary Wittmann is a professional storyteller, puppeteer, poet, artist, illustrator, children’s author, and a Dove Award National Recording Artist. His CD, Creating the Circle of Stories, Poetry and Songs by Gary and Christopher Wittmann, can be found on iTunes or Amazon.

Gary has been a storyteller for over twenty years. He was a special education teacher for 33 years, and in 2007, earned the Learning Disabilities Teacher of the Year for the state of Indiana.

Gary has been writing and telling stories all his life. He has been a professional storyteller for over 30+ years in Southern Indiana.  He has been writing children books for others and teaching others how to do the same in their classroom and for their families.

Gary’s talents has lend themselves to drawing, painting, coloring books, journals, and zen doodles.

Yes, he loves a little Christmas fun.  When you find the children in yourself you most certainly can write for that child.


Fifth Grade:
Timothy Bottom Rules

by Gary Wittmann

Have you ever been a bully? If you had a speech problem or was small and others bothered you. This book is for you.


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Really good book for children that made me almost cry

Artitaya Brees

“This book was fun with a great explanation how kids felt about bullying. Even though I’m a young adult, but I really love reading children’s book so much and this one is totally well writing. I can imagine and follow the fine what’s going on there and make me feel like I’m that kids. So lucky I found and read this book. Thank you for such a good book and make me feel like I’m a kid again.”

Actually, I wrote review of this book once via my Kindle but it didn’t show even I waited for 48 hr like it said. So I write a review again

P.S. I almost cry because I really sensitive about love of family that you wrote really well.”

Clever is the word for Famous, Fantastic, Fabulous Mach One Fast Turtle Soup


“Very clever and cute story that starts out a little slow….after all this is a story about a turtle, but when the turnabout happens it just takes off as the hero in this story saves himself by teaching how to make Famous, Fantastic, Fabulous Mach One Turtle Soup. Now, why would he do that? Check out the recipes at the back. This children’s story book isn’t what it seems and that twist makes it a fun story designed to help children open their creative minds. This is a fun children’s story, with a surprise at the end.”

Every child needs a magic dragon (or unicorn) in his life.


“Wonderful story! It kept me enthralled, eager to see what would happen next. Exactly the sort of story my son would have enjoyed when he was young. This would be great, not only for someone who is being bullied but for someone who might BE a bully!”

A knightly tail of overcoming bullying using brains over brawn.

“This is the perfect book for my 12-year-old nephew. The great message for non-violence solutions to bullying is something every pre-teen can learn from. The characters are endearing and memorable. I’m sure it would be a great winter break read for your young son or nephew too.”

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